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Professor Bob Packett has been teaching history for forty years. His passion for history permeates his entire life, from the thousands of primary resource materials in his personal library, to his collection of historical artifacts.

Professor Bob loves to tell stories of the real people behind the often sterile descriptions found in history texts. His conversational style, filled with anecdotes, quips, and humor, will bring to life the characters of history.

Now, through the technology of podcasting, you can also enjoy what Professor Bob's students have been enjoying for years history that comes alive.

Join us for a Podcast Journey through History. Professor Bob tells fascinating stories of historical people, places, and customs.


Results of a Nuclear Attack   
Length: 5:32 Created: 01/28/11

Diplomacy Part 1   
Length: 9:21 Created: 05/12/15

Battle Ticinus Part 2   
Length: 9:42 Created: 05/12/15

Battle Montereau   
Length: 9:27 Created: 05/12/15

End of the Californian Revolt   
Length: 9:15 Created: 05/12/15

Turkish War of Independence Part 1   
Length: 8:39 Created: 05/12/15

Nazi Ideology Part 1   
Length: 12:39 Created: 05/12/15

Diplomacy Part 2   
Length: 8:41 Created: 05/12/15

Battle Trebia Part 1   
Length: 7:42 Created: 05/12/15

Napoleon on the Move   
Length: 8:47 Created: 05/12/15

Stockton Kearny War   
Length: 8:56 Created: 05/12/15

Turkish War Independence Part 2   
Length: 10:04 Created: 05/12/15

Hiram Maxim   
Length: 8:53 Created: 05/12/15

Diplomacy Part 3   
Length: 8:36 Created: 05/12/15

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