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Cold War CD

The Cold War CD is very different from the other CD's that I offer. This one has three different parts. The first part, which is most of the CD, is a series of PDF files that cover 7 major books/ pamphlets that were distributed by the State and Federal Governments, some as large as 63 pages. The Second part of the Cold War CD has a very extensive Powerpoint presentation full of photos that I use when I teach the Cold Waar in class. That program runs from 1944 to 1990. The Third part of the Cold War CD has four mp3 podcasts; Fine Dining in a Fallout Shelter, Eisenhower’s Secret Weapon, Bombing of Mars Bluff and Failsafe Chicago. I will also send an original fallout shelter biscuit from a can of 1960’s rations. NOTE - DO NOT EAT THE BISCUIT!

Cold War
“Basic Course in Emergency Mass Feeding” - Instructors Guide 63 pages 1966 How to run, feed and stock a shelter(750 calories a day)

“Fallout On the Farm” - Canadian dept. of Agriculture 32 p 1961

“Family Shelter Designs” - US. Gov. 30 p. 1962 includes estimated cost

“In Time of Emergency Handbook on Nuclear and Natural Disasters” - U.S.Gov. 93 p 1968 This is specifically for Blair Neb. Right by the S.A.C. Command Includes maps of shelters and evac.

“Instructions for filling Civil Defense Water Storage Container” - U.S.Gov.8p, 1962 how to fill a water container

“Survival in a Nuclear Attack” - Plan for protection from radioactive fallout State of New York 66p. 1960 Very detailed.

“Ten for Survival:Survive Nuclear Attack” - Depart.Civil Defense 23 p. 1961

The Bomb 1946-2000
Opening Fallout Rations

Fallout Shelter Food
Eisenhower’s Secret Weapon
Bombing of Mars Bluff
Failsafe Chicago