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Egyptian Expedition 1798-1801 CD

This CD covers the entire Egyptian Campaign nor just the part where Napoleon is in country. The cd will take you all the way through to the final moments of the Egyptian expedition and their return to France. This cd has over four and 1/2 hours of podcasts (25) and is in broadcast order so you can just put it on and cover the whole expedition or of course just listen to the podcasts that you want.

Egyptian Expedition 1798-1801
1. 1798 Overview
2. Egyptian Expedition
3. Mameluks
4. Toulon To Malta Ings
5. Savants
6. Capture Of Malta
7. Malta To Egypt
8. Capture Of Alexandria
9. Consolidation And Preparation
10. Battle Shubra Khit
11. Battle Of The Pyramids
12. Naval Battle Of The Nile
13. Egyptian Bad News
14. Egyptian Expedition 1798
15. Napoleon In Syria Part 1
16. Napoleon In Syria Part 2
17. Napoleon In Syria Part 3
18. 1799 Overview
19. Battle Of Aboukir(1st)
20. Napoleon Departs Egypt
21. Egypt After Napoleon Part 1
22. Egypt After Napoleon Part 2
23. Egypt After Napoleon Part 3
24. 2nd Battle Of Aboukir
25. End Of Egyptian Expedition