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I am a self and listener supported podcaster (there are no advertisements). To help support the show I sell my archived podcasts on CDs, thumb drives and hard drives. For this reason the History According to Bob podcast is not currently available for subscription on iTunes or other popular podcatchers that do not allow you to manually subscribe to an RSS feed. There are, however, many apps that will allow you to manually subscribe by pasting in the RSS feed. If you’ve never subscribed to an RSS feed manually you will find instructions below.


The term podcast is a portmanteau word (much like Lewis Carroll’s ‘jabberwocky’) derived from the word iPod and broadcast. Basically podcasting allows anyone with a recording device and an internet connection to become a broadcaster covering any topic that interests them. You can listen to and subscribe to podcasts on any device that plays mp3 files and has an internet connection.

RSS Feed

Really Simple Syndication feeds! These are just web addresses that release files on a regular basis. Podcast RSS feeds release audio files while blog RSS feeds release blog posts.


You subscribe to a podcast by subscribing to the RSS Feed. Many apps like iTunes and Stitcher allow you to do this just by searching for the name of a podcast. They are called podcatchers. Since the History According to Bob podcast is not listed with any podcatchers you will have to choose a podcatcher that allows you to manually subscribe. You will find a list of some suitable apps at the bottom of this page.

  1. Click on the RSS button in the bar below.
  2. Ignore all of the code that comes up on the page. You only need be concerned with the address bar in your browser. It will end in ‘podcast/rss.xml’. Copy this complete address so that you can paste it into your favorite podcatcher.

Special note for iPhone users

If you follow these instructions using your phone the link will not open as a webpage but rather will open in your News app. You can copy the link from there and then paste into your podcatcher. As an alternative you may copy it on your desktop and send it to your phone in an email.

Or copy this link: http://www.historyaccordingtobob.com/podcast/rss.xml

Manual RSS Feed Apps

Android: Podcast Addict, Podcast Go
iPhones: Overcast, RSS Radio

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