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Anglo-Saxon England and the Norman Conquest CD

This newly updated CD has almost 5 hours of shows on topics from Roman Britain through the Conquest of England by William of Normandy. There are 24 shows with one being a video show on medieval armor. The podcasts are in chronological order.

Norman Conquest Podcasts
1. Britain Under Rome
2. Historical Arthur
3. Britain 410-802 AD
4. Egbert To Ethelred I
5. Alfred The Great
6. Anglo-Saxon Kings 870-946
7. Anglo-Saxon Kings 946-978
8. Ethelred The Unready
9. Danish Interregnum
10. Edward The Confessor
11. William's Claim To England
12. Battle Of Stamford Bridge
13. Battle Of Hastings
14. England After Hastings
15. William's Laws In England
16. William's Bride
17. Exploding William The Conqueror
18. Causes Of Feudalism
19. Duties Of A Lord And Vassal
20. Feudal Terms
21. Serf Dues
22. Viking Warrior Attire
23. Norman Warrior
24. Video Medieval Armor