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Rise of Macedonia & Age of Alexander CD

This CD has over 4 1/2 hours of shows on topics from Rise of Macedonia, where Alexander is buried, and all the battles. The podcasts are in chronological order.

Rise of Macedonia & Age of Alexander Podcasts
1. Age Of Alexander Who's Who
2. Battle Of Leuctra
3. Rise Of Macedonia
4. Macedonian Army
5. Battle Of Chaeronea
6. Philip And Cleopatra
7. Death Of Philip And Rise Of Alexander
8. Persian Empire
9. Persian Army
10. Battle Of Granicus River
11. Alexander Granicus To Issus
12. Battle Of Issus
13. Issus To Arbela
14. Battle Of Arbela
15. Persepolis Burns
16. Death Of Darius III
17. Alexander In Asia
18. Alexander In India
19. Alexander India To Susa
20. Death Of Alexander
21. Alexander's Successors
22. Where Is Alexander?
23. Buchephalus