History According to Bob

Wild West Vol. 3 CD

This CD is the third volume of the Wild West Series. I have separated the “ladies” of the wild west for your enjoyment as well as including podcasts that I have done on some of the wild towns of the area. This CD has a little over 3 hours of podcasts and 2 video podcasts. The video podcasts are of Fort Kearny and Fort Smith. This CD is organized in alphabetical order.

Wild West Vol. 3 Podcasts
1. U.S. Army In The Old West
2. Barbary Coast
3. Belle Starr
4. Cattle Annie 1
5. Cattle Annie 2 (Actually Little Breeches)
6. Echols & Jones
7. Etta Place
8. Fort Kearny
9. Fort Kearny Video Podcast
10. Fort Smith Video Podcast
11. Hudson & Reynolds
12. Kate Elder
13. Lola Montez Part 1
14. Lola Montez Part 2
15. Pearl Starr
16. Wild Abilene
17. Wild Fort Smith Part 1
18. Wild Fort Smith Part 2