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World War I 1915 CD

This CD has just over 4 and 1/2 hours of shows covering the World War I through the year 1915. Topics include the sinking of the Lusitania, Edith Cavell, 2nd Battle Ypres, Stages of Submarine Warfare, Zepplin Bombers. This also has a video of items associated with the Homefronts of both The Triple Entente and Triple Alliance. The podcasts are in chronological order.

World War I 1915 Podcasts
1. W.W.1 Overview 1915
2. U-Boat Etiquette
3. Stages Of Sub Warfare
4. Freedom Of The Seas
5. 2nd Battle Of Ypres
6. W.W.1 Poison Gas
7. Fritz Haber
8. Battle Of Gallipoli
9. Frye And Falaba Incidents
10. 1915 Sinking Of Lusitania
11. Unsinkable Fraud
12. Italy Joins
13. Edith Cavell
14. Belgian Relief
15. W.W.1 Air War
16. Fokker And Garros
17. Thomas Sopwith
18. Zeppelin Bombers
19. Trench Warfare
20. English And American Taxes
21. 1915 Results
22. Video Homefront