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Allies After the June Armistice 1813 -mp3
Length 9:56 Created:04/17/14

Carthage and Rome to 341 BC -mp3
Length 8:58 Created:04/16/14

Charleston Campaign 1780 Part 5 -mp3
Length 9:40 Created:04/15/14

Commune Program -mp3
Length 9:48 Created:04/14/14

History of the Crimea Part 2 -mp3
Length 10:52 Created:04/12/14

War 1812 Hartford Convention -mp3
Length 8:51 Created:04/11/14

Nap Era June Armistice 1813 -mp3
Length 9:29 Created:04/10/14

Overview History of Carthage 307BC to 264 BC -mp3
Length 8:43 Created:04/09/14

Am Rev Charleston Campaign Part 3 -mp3
Length 10:14 Created:04/08/14

Commune Election 1871 -mp3
Length 9:10 Created:04/07/14

History of Crimea Part 1 -mp3
Length 10:07 Created:04/05/14

War 1812 Financial Military Crisis -mp3
Length 11:27 Created:04/04/14

Nap Era Battle Bautzen Part 3 -mp3
Length 9:42 Created:04/03/14

Hst Carthage City of Carthage in 307BC -mp3
Length 9:33 Created:04/02/14

Battle of the Cannons -mp3
Length 10:37 Created:03/31/14

February 2014 Chat with Prof Bob -mp3
Length: 23:11 Created: 02/19/14

Overview Crimean War -mp3
Length 13:04 Created:03/29/14

War 1812 End of the War 1812 -mp3
Length 11:55 Created:03/28/14

Nap Era Battle Bautzen Part 2 -mp3
Length 9:33 Created:03/27/14

Hst Carthage Carthage Vs Agathocles Part 3 -mp3
Length 10:15 Created:03/26/14

Am Rev Charleston Campaign 1780 Part 3 -mp3
Length 9:36 Created:03/25/14

New French Government 1871 -mp3
Length 10:37 Created:03/24/14

War 1812 Final Battle of New Orleans -mp3
Length 11:26 Created:03/21/14

Nap Era Battle of Bautzen Part 1 -mp3
Length:9:11 Created:03/20/14

Hst Carthage Carthage Vs Agathocles Part 2 -mp3
Length:10:30 Created:03/19/14

Am Rev Charleston Campaign 1780 Part 2 -mp3
Length:9:06 Created:03/18/14

Franco Prussian War Ramifications for France -mp3
Length:12:06 Created:03/17/14

Sultan Abdulmacid I -mp3
Length:11:12 Created:03/15/14

War 1812 Final British Preparations -mp3
Length:8:43 Created:03/14/14

Hst Prussia Treaty of Frankfurt -mp3
Length:11:16 Created:03/10/14

Am Rev Charleston Campaign of 1780 Part1 -mp3
Length:8:49 Created:03/10/14

Hst Carthage Carthage Vs Agathocles Part 1 -mp3
Length:10:37 Created:03/10/14

Ottoman Sultans 1807 to 1839 -mp3
Length:11:07 Created:03/09/14

War 1812 Second Battle of New Orleans -mp3
Length:9:08 Created:03/07/14

Nap Era March to Bautzen -mp3
Length:9:03 Created:03/06/14

Hst Carthage Carthage Alone -mp3
Length:9:39 Created:03/05/14

Am Rev Chronology 1780 to 1783 -mp3
Length:8:51 Created:03/04/14

Hst Prus Unification of Germany -mp3
Length:11:11 Created:03/03/14

Otto Hst Sultan Selim III -mp3
Length:11:06 Created:03/01/14

Battle of Chattanooga Part 1 -mp3
Length: 9:44 Created: 10/15/10

Battle of Alesia Part 3 -mp3
Length: 10:44 Created: 10/13/10

Battle Alesia Part 2 -mp3
Length: 9:38 Created: 10/06/10

Battle Alesia Part 1 -mp3
Length: 10:05 Created: 09/29/10

Battle Chickamauga Part2 =mp3
Length: 12:11 Created: 09/24/10

Battle Chickamauga Part 1 -mp3
Length: 10:44 Created: 09/17/10

The First Crusade -mp3
Length: 14:44 Created: 01/01/12

The Second Crusade -mp3
Length: 15:48 Created: 01/01/12

The Third Crusade -mp3
Length: 17:31 Created: 01/01/12

The Fourth Crusade -mp3
Length: 11:30 Created: 01/01/12

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre -mp3
Length: 17:21 Created: 01/01/12

Crusade Results -mp3
Length: 13:12 Created: 01/01/12

Crusade Reasons -mp3
Length: 11:22 Created: 01/01/12

Crusader Privileges -mp3
Length: 15:48 Created: 01/01/11

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